Friday, 9 September 2011

Two souls in a collision of passion

I thought long and hard before releasing this again.... I have my hand written copy dating back to 1993, and a date stamped computer listing when I typed it up dated 1995. I have seen this poem on the internet copyrighted by others....... I put it on the web in 1996. I have seen copyrights dated 2003 and 2009. Not by the original author.

Enjoy my original work.

In a field of starlight and magic we walked,
Dreams and fantasies forever at our touch.
The wind rustling in the grass and the leaves.
Visions of a reality close enough to grasp,
But hot enough to burn at the touch.

The sun alone could only be as bright,
As our nights in that field of magical wonder.
You touched my heart with your magical flame,
I protected you with my love.

Two souls in a collision of passion,
Two hearts bound by love.
Two bodies consumed by desire.
A never ending connection,
Of ecstatic wonderous dreams.

If there is a heaven then it is here,
In this magical realm of wonder.
Where our hearts and our souls collided,
And in the flames of our desire...
We danced together as one.

Tonight I am ready to begin,
My dreams have awakened to the reality,
That we will truly walk together...
In our field of heavenly flame...
Throughout eternity...
Together, as one..


irishminx said...

WOW That is passionate. Admirable. And I wish.....

Jan said...

Thank you irishminx.

When you wish upon a star.... All good things come, when they are ready too.


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