Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I Danced Amongst The Stars

I walk along the path of light.
I walk among the stars, shining bright
Where planets and comets dance
To the song of the universe.

I see sights that amaze and delight me

I look down upon the Earth
That once was my home
I shine, I bring life. I rejoice.

I listen to the endless silence
I see light emerge from dark void
I feel the pulse of the universe
It courses through my blood.

I inhale the breath of nothingness,
No need of earthbound sustinence.
I am at one with the night

Yet I am also the bringer of day.

This new creation, this rebirth of light,
This ever shining beacon of hope,
We are one, we are forever entwined.
Darkness fades, light prevails. I smile.


Basma Awad said...

Great poem there!.
Tho it's not exactly breath of nothingness, it's more like a breath of dark matter :P

Jan said...

I've had my fair share of dark matter so nothingness suits me just fine! :-)


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