Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Forests Often Grew

Suddenly, like an often pondered mystery
changes cover every light I see
half a lifetime lived in tragedy
a daffodil breaks through winter snow

Flowers as they grow
claim the edge of earth and sky
a child stopped and wondered why
but sunlight showed him colors in the virgin sand

Fractals on the land
bees like rainbows traced the light
shook the air in fervent flight
and starlings threw their shadows on the earth

From the moment of his birth
a pauper's lesson learned from lack
yanks the ties that hold him back
to emptiness he's thrust upon himself

A painting on a shelf
terrors dreamed and realized
treasures stamped on azure skies
nature's painter sleeps in each of us

Forty leagues of dust
cover valleys deep and dead
far beyond the fountainhead
In the wilderness of life on Planet Blue

Forests often grew

1 comment:

Debbie-T said...

A beautiful one, indeed. Let me keep the "nature's painter sleeps in each of us" as my favorite part of it, for this verse hides a thousand words.


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