Saturday, 17 September 2011

Touching Forever

We can never touch forever,
only wish, dream, reach for it.

It's like the wind through the trees,
on a lovely autumn day,
rustling the leaves, whispering about you.
But, it's not ours to have, just to behold.

I love you,
in a way that makes those very words,
seem meaningless, far too empty,
to convey what my heart feels.

I just know when I think of you, of us,
I think of that wind, of forever,
and reach out for it.
Knowing I can never grasp it,
I still have to try.

I love you, please, see my soul in those words,
that's the only way we can touch forever.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

You're making me cry again but as I think Deborah Kerr said in a film we both like, "That's what beauty does to me."

Jan said...

Thank you Welshcakes! Please stop crying though, I will feel guilty if you short out your keyboard!

Yes that is a beautiful film.

Abhra Pal said...

Simply loved your poetry. It's a simple and common subject yet written beautifully.


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