Sunday, 11 September 2011

On Grey Days

I am feeling a mixture
Both pleasure and pain
Darks mix with lights
Here emotions remain

Emotions keep merging
Colours collide into one
Breathing deeply I wait
Till grey days are gone

Frozen bereft of words
Colours hazy and unsure
Confusion fills these days
Emotions that I endure

Had I now lost all nerve
To finally give up the fight
Heart is battled scarred
Here waiting for light

A heart worn and weary
Painful emotions to erase
Stormy patterns appear
Feeling lost on grey days

It becomes a tiring routine
I have been there before
I shall ride out this storm
Then kick open the door


Renee said...

You write with such grace. I can imagine your journey has not been without many tears. But there is such healing in your poetry. Be blessed.

Jan said...

Thank you Renee. Yes the journey so far has been painful, but now the time has come to look to tomorrow and leave yesterday where it belongs.

Blessings to you too.


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