Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Take My Hand

Take my hand and join with me
and wander through eternity
The mists prevail but cannot stop
this journey into what is not

To be inspired while it is safe
to look at past and future embrace
as we have been and maybe yet
the future just cannot forget

What we have found this time my dear
we journeyed far to be right here
and now we look to what may be
with help we can forever see

A life that's long and lovingly clear
the two as one we should not fear
to take these steps along this path
the cosmos will countenance no attack

On us as one as it should be
this time around in unity
and journey on to what will come
in love we'll be rejoined as one.


Anonymous said...

To walk hand in hand, two as one, into the future and beyond. The quest for inspiration and continued widening one’s perspective in life would be a dream come true. To take the journey both internal and external; as what is life… Other than the collection of memories, one has achieved in life…


David Pittman said...

Thank u again for your inspirational words...let them flow continually!!


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