Monday, 19 September 2011

The Swan

                                                I led my life
                                Believing I was an ugly duckling.

                             I just didn't fit anywhere with anyone
                                 With any thoughts, any beliefs.
                                     Grew up with a stutter
                                 Too short for my age, too fat.
                            Hated sports, hated studies, hated life.
                                Lived in the shadow of my family
                              Tried to fit in, to please them all,
                                        Idolised people,
                                  Wished I could be like them,
                                       Never measured up.
                               My theories, my needs, my desires,
                          My definitions of happiness and contentment,
                         And still they scoffed, and still they mocked,
                               Loser, they cried and born to fail.

                                        I was after all,
                                        An Ugly Duckling.

                         And now I look around me at the life they lead,
                           These so called winners, achievers in life,
                                          And I laugh.
                           I laugh at their hypocrisies and dualities,
                                   Their egos and their pride,
                            Infinite worries and sickening ambitions,
                              I cringe at their needs and desires,
                          Their concept of God, their answers to Life,
                        Judgmental and opinionated, they follow the mob,
                            Discarding the rest who fail to conform.

                               Now I look in the mirror, and I see
                                   The Duckling is a duckling
                                     But knows he is a Swan.

                     All the answers are reflected in that face so sublime.
                           I live for the Swans, my flock by my side.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

You were always a swan, Jan.

IAMicried said...

This is beautiful. Thank you.


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