Sunday, 18 September 2011

Home To Stay

I hear your tender voice, it washes over me
It lifts me up, it fills my soul, sets my emotions free.
Through darkest night and brightest day
It calls me home,  this time to stay.

I've travelled far, I've travelled long
Searching high and low, wanting just to belong
I've crawled in gutters, drunk myself blind
Never knowing what I hoped to find.

I ran so far, thinking I was to blame
Punished myself, because I felt such shame
Then I heard your song, it called out to me
My eyes long dry, they wept a sea.

My tears they washed the pain away, 
Darkness left me day by day.
I climbed a mountain, better to see
The future road in front of me.

I see your smile, it warms my heart
It tells me we never more shall part
I've been to hell, but I made it back
I'm  home to stay, my bags unpacked.


Sharon Rose said...

What a wonderful tribute to coming home to your heart.

Frank Vitale said...

This is a great read here for sure. Our troubled lives sometime consumes us entirely.We work our way through it then one day we see the world has become a better place and the darkness becomes the light. I have taken that path I know first hand !


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