Friday, 30 September 2011


Shadows, night.....comfort is here
Instead of the harsh light of morning.
Shadows,'ll find me there
Heedless to the warnings

I watch the life flow from me
My soul seems on fire
Those winds of change surround me
No one knows what I desire

End of daylight, end of pain
end of unhappiness
the story of the slain.
I know your harshness
and your reality of lies.
I see my friendships
and those who watch as the ember dies.

My heart is still left
but yearns to be free
save yourselves
Please, don't wait for me

It is the Armaggeddon
The day all deeds are done
and with your leave, take my love
the endless journey has begun


Grace said...

I empathize with the pain you expressed so well in your poem. Thank you for sharing that. So many of us are affected by things that we could not stop or change. All we can do is link arms, and stand strong together. Wishing you every blessing.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I'm sorry you are feeling so down. PLEASE promise you won't act on feelings of desperation. YOu are most certainly not alone. x

Jan said...

Thank you for the kindness and warmth. Today is just a very black day. Tomorrow is another new beginning.

Anonymous said...

This is quite simply splendid and beautiful and central to my understanding of life as a fellow survivor. We know beauty where others see only desparation. We know desparation where others find beauty. Thank you for your wonderful poetry. I refer you to Goodbye Now My brother which youll find if you scroll down some way down on: Blessings! John Warrior Poet - Also wounded!


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