Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Abyss Awaits

The rain, it falls like clear blood,
Down my face, hiding the tears
Washing over the open wounds
Festering in my soul.

My soul shakes in remembrance
My lips form the unspoken word
Stop. Thunder fills my head
Lightening blinds my way.

My spine arches in spasm
Fire fills my insides
My trust destroyed
My life in tatters

I reach out to nothingness
Head spinning, hands shaking
I gather myself together, don a new face
Step out from the curtain, bow and smile.

We are alone, in unity, as one.
An unholy trinity of survivors
Afraid, belligerent and humble
We are one.

What meaning life?
Who will be next to destroy, to rob?
Enshroud me in darkness,
The abyss awaits.


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