Thursday, 29 September 2011

Thoughts Of You

                        Thoughts of you in space and time
                        Making me crazy, filling my mind
                        I close my eyes, your image is clear
                        Feeling you close without you here

                        Taking the time to search my soul
                        How you keep my heart on hold
                        Maybe you don't, maybe it's me
                        Don't wanna let go of passion so free

                        Love you to death, I want you near
                        You're affect on me is what I fear
                        Searching for the key inside the prism
                        Locked in place, your protection mechanism

                        Staying within the boundry lines
                        A choice that's made and aged with time
                        Capture a picture we both can see
                        We, as we are, it will always be

1 comment:

healing_within said...

Jan ..

Oh so beautiful love it. love that you are writing more often . .Love your writing heartfelt and to see a man let his heart out



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