Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A Red Ocean

     I lie deep in the shadows
     My body, limp and cold
     As hatred and fear devour my mind
     My soul slides into oblivion
     I hear his voice ringing in my head
     He is the demon in my dreams
     The poison in my blood
     The terror in my screams
     The hurt towards him burns me
     Scouring the walls of my chest
     Engulfing my heart in flames
     The pain too strong to fight
     Attacks me like sharp knives
     All over my body
     Cutting deeper and deeper
     Sinking into my flesh
     A red ocean fills my head
     My vision scarlet
     I close my eyes

1 comment:

jodiliveca said...

To put these words together they way you have is indescribable. I lie deep in the shadows, I close my eyes, beautiful yet endured. Words can't describe how deeply this is felt by the reader. Thank you.


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