Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I Love You

                     As another night passes by
                     I feel a little pain
                     looking up at the stars
                     I feel the tears fall like rain

                     I wish I could look into your eyes
                     show how much I cared
                     but my mind told me no
                     it was something I must not dare

                     This empty feeling in my heart grows a little bigger
                     as I wonder what you must  be doing  right now
                     and I always wished I could have said I loved you
                     but I just didn’t know how

                     So I lay my head down once again to try and sleep
                     my heart longing for you to comfort it
                     but my mind knowing it’s not to be..
                     It could never be.

                     I wish I could have showed you my soul
                     all my heart, and  all of my love
                     but I was too insecure to try
                     now I lay here once again
                     and to myself, my feelings I try to hide

                     and I say out loud to no-one
                     my voice crackles with tears
                     softly in the silent night
                     as I see a vision of you in my mind
                     and I tell you, finally!
                     but really to no-one...
                     I love you.


celesteka said...

Oh my heart . . . !

This gives me a lump in my throat knowing the feelings of loving and not receiving in return !

i wanted this love from my family that i never got and then i pushed and pushed to be loved by a man who couldn't express his love . . .

Walking away 25 yrs later, i found another . . . did the same to myself again and now i hurt because i don't know if i can fix this relationship either. . .

i am so afraid of being rejected that i keep back the love i deserve . . .

can i ever heal this wound ?

this is my prayer, my plead with God to show me the way to receive love and to express it without reserve . . .

Anonymous said...

same heart

Anonymous said...

we share the same heart

Anonymous said...

If you love and trust someone, why would you NOT want to tell them how you feel. Life is very short. People can have a car accident and suddenly die. And they would die not ever knowing how much you loved them. You are already in pain from not expressing your love. Maybe if you said how you felt, it would not only be a relief, but well reciprocated. You will NEVER know until you share your feelings. Until then, you will feel the emptiness that resides inside which flows the sadness :~( *Tight Hug *

~Nina Fox


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