Tuesday, 27 September 2011


He's all alone now.
The things he's done
Pushed them away,
Acted like he didn't care,
Did everything he shouldn't have.
He thought it was for the best.
But now what?
They're all happy.
They've all moved on without him.
But there's one solitary life
Left behind.
He knew he didn't deserve them
All he wanted was happiness
For the ones he loves.
Now they have it,
But his heart is gone.
Now all that's left is an empty soul
And thoughts of the memories.
He wonders about them all the time.
Wishes, for just one day,
He could see his friends again
Talk to the ones he loves
Hold them tight.
But he'd never want to let go.
And that's something he can't put upon them.
Not while he is like this anyway.
He can't wish for anyone to accept him.
Because it's an impossible task.
For nobody really knows the whole truth.
What's going on inside that twisted mind,
What's really happening in that upside down world.
He only ever told one person,
His best friend, the one he trusted.
But now he's lost him too,
And with that loss, he's lost himself.
He's lost the one true family
He ever loved or cared for.
He'll never again see his one true love,
They're far apart forever.
Without love, without friends,
He's nothing.
A mere solitary life.
Living in an empty shell.
Carrying on as normal
But a broken heart lies
Deep down inside.
Under the smiles,
Under the laughs.
There's got to be a way out,
And he knows he'll find it,
Whatever it is.
Until then,
He'll fight it all inside.


Bab's Brief said...

I was moved to tears

Veronica Messegee said...

This made me remember meeting this young man who showed up at our church one Easter morning. He was filthy and ragged, face covered in tattoos and piercings. People were afraid of him. I felt inspired to approach him. (Yikes! He was scary looking) I asked him if he was waiting for someone and he said yes. he told me his story. He had grown up attending church in the same building. He was waiting for his father whom he hadn't seen in several years. He told me how growing up he didn't feel like he didn't fit in with other kids. He said he felt so much an outcast, he made himself one...and he gestured to his tats and piercings. We had an amazing conversation.

It's so sad...and true that when we most need others...we push them away.

nico said...

Hi again hit the nail on the head just me alone I have push people away all my life ...I'm trying so hard I'm crying this is perfect soul on paper ..... I didn't realize the pain working though this would cause ... You are so strong and a wonderful person ...

nico said...

I just wrote something really long can't repeat it again it disappeared you hit the nail on the head ... I have pushed everyone away ... Working through this is lonely ..you're strong and a beautiful person for sharing all these thank you so much


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