Sunday, 11 September 2011

I'll Be There

Look into my eyes and see
Your past, present and future in me
Search your photographs, old and new
I was always there standing beside you.

I'm inside your mind, inside your heart
With your first breath so mine did start
When you are happy, or when you're sad
When times are good, when times are bad.

Do not fear, please do not fret
When days are sunny or when they're wet
Just look around and you will see
Right by your side is where I'll be.


Debbie-T said...

Your poetry brings teardrops in my eyes...

Pastor Sharon said...

Jan, this is beautiful!

Jan said...

Tears of joy I hope Despoina!!

Pastor Sharon, thank you. This poem can be read in many ways, and can relate to many things.

How do you relate to it?


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