Monday, 26 September 2011

The Way

                          I climb upon the mountain
                          Just to see what is in the way.
                          I know what's there,
                          But must I face it today?

                          I can only go forward,
                          Even when I look behind.
                          It doesn't matter which I choose,
                          I fear what I may find.

                          So I stand in this time
                          Feeling it frozen in place,
                          Waiting for me to chose
                          As indecision swallows my face.

                          Do I speak,
                          Or do I not?
                          What if I fall?
                          What if I'm caught?

                          Do I look into the light,
                          To make the path clear?
                          Will I get there faster
                          If I follow my fear?

                          I see what's in my way,
                          For it draws me near -
                          Is all the way over there,
                          And can I get there from here?


celesteka said...

It takes tremendous courage to follow our fears . . . to look into the black hole of hopelessness and despair, complete and utter darkness.

We not only gain our lost childhoods, but we also gain new spiritual sight and see what is not visible and know the truth.

We are tenacious, unrelenting in the search for truth and healing.

We are stronger than those who stoically refuse to look within themselves and appear perfect.

Our hearts broken overflow with compassion and love for the suffering.

We are the victorious ones !

Anonymous said...

Through fear and indecision, may you find hope and strength.

Follow your heart as it can always see with clarity… *Tight Hug*

~Nina Fox


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