Friday, 9 September 2011

I am The Warrior

I am the warrior who fights the good fight
My presence flows like beautiful light and I am possessed of grace and power
My sword is Willingness and Truth my shield
I wage a war against the demons within me
Worse than any movie or fantasy these demons are real
Great courage and bravery are needed to face them
Few have had the strength to follow or join me on the path
Many have I seen turn back
And so I have become skilled in the art of single combat
I have been fighting long and hard
My struggle has often been lonely
There are but few obstacles left in my way
The greatest treasure I have won is a real and ever increasing certainty that I am the answer to all my questions, all my desires, and all my needs
Had I known that vulnerability and openness could get me so far I would have made them my abilities much sooner
The recent battles have been hard and yet my castle, once far away is now on the horizon.
I can see it's light's blazing in warm welcome and within it's walls are peace, my mate, and much joy.



Veronica Messegee said...

Lovely...the only real battle is the one we fight within ourselves. I wonder if we keep fighting long after we've won.

Jan said...

I think that often we don't recognise the success for what it is.

nico said...

Thank you for that !!! It brought tears but good ones and like you I have to learn to fight this alone ...I love that you said vulnerability is your strength ...hugs


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