Monday, 23 January 2012


My world is dark, as black as sin
What is this mess, I've gotten in
It hurts so bad, I don't want to play
How can I turn this night into day?
Go Away, just let me be
I want to die, why can't you see
I want to go I don't want to stay
I will not turn this night into day
What are these things coming from my eyes
Tears of hurt, and shame, and lies
This is my life, I can't change it OK?
I cannot change this night into day.
It hurts so bad, this pain is too much
I don't want you near me please don't touch
How can you even look my way?
How can I change this night into day?
I heal slowly take steps tiny and small
Out on thin ice, please don't let me fall
Hey, what do I see..a little grey?
The night is starting to change to day
The shame, the hurt, the abuse is not mine
I know I'll heal over time
Though it hurts now, more than I can say.
I have a glimpse of night into day.

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