Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Late At Night

The house is quiet, the moon is bright,
I do things better late at night.
No distractions, no despair;
There's no excuses, there's no one there.

I've only me to answer to.
If things go wrong, then, I will do
What I feel would be right
It's only me here, late at night.

When daylight comes, then I must be
In submission to authority.
At their mercy, they jerk my chain.
I make my living, a modest gain.

Exists, my kingdom, late at night
With pain and toils out of sight.
I hide in shelters of late night hours
When silence falls in floods of showers.

It's late at night that I can be
The real, deep down, hidden me.
I can gather my thoughts together.
I can think and dream much better.

It's easier to kneel and pray
With kids asleep at the end of the day.
My mind is clear; I can read or write
Or just sit quiet late at night.


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