Saturday, 21 January 2012

Maybe In Time

                     Does time hold the answers?
                     Each day passed seems so wasted
                     Every precious moment gone, unused
                     Time is not eternal
                     It is in question, unpredictable
                     Hoping to close my eyes and wake up at the end
                     of this seemingly endless misery
                     Don't want to know what I know
                     No longer want to think
                     My crumbled heart aches
                     Confusion overwhelmes me
                     Did I ever really know?
                     Was I fooled for so long?
                     No line between real and pretend
                     What healing power lies in time?
                     Is it like medicine or stitches to make things better?
                     Or does it simply make us forget?
                     I refuse to forget
                     Will not let time "heal"
                     The only elixir for this illness is honesty
                     Only the truth holds the power to heal
                     Why must my eyes remain backwards,
                     Peering into the past?
                     So many feelings all at once
                     No more death
                     Please no more ends
                     Searching so hard for the truth
                     Only creating more illusions
                     So many questions
                     No answers
                     Maybe in time

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