Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Take Me Down To The Ocean

Take me down to the ocean,
Walk with me on it's sandy shore
I will look out on the horizon
Remembering all that had gone before.

Take me back to my childhood
Help me change the paths of time
Erase the pain, replace it with laughter
Looking out across the great unknown.

Put away the masks, remove the illusion
Of a man, strong and in control
Help me step out of this darkness
Hold my hand, let me not be alone.

Take me down to the ocean
Let me lay on it's sandy shore
Stay with me, be my hearts desire
Love me as you've never loved before.


Caren E. Salas said...

Really lovely and romantic! Love it!

Healing Within said...

Jan.. isn't it wonderful when we begin the journey of self discovery..sometimes we want to hide from the realities we see but once we come out we are consoled and able to say "hey that's really me" something empowering about coming to know oneself ..glad you find the ocean so inviting.. I do too. .. Your writing is so beautiful!! Namaste..Joy

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the poem. There is a touch of magic the ocean gives, if one can learn to open the scenses ( nose, ears, eyes) . It beckons, replenishes the soul, opens the heart, clears the mind. Thank u. Packleader 66


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