Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Love That Scars

Standing behind walls of doubt

With scars of disgrace upon my face

For I've been cut by the knife of shame

And I've been marked by the burning flame

My soul has been badly broken

By words that never have been spoken

My fingers shiver in vain

'cause I've been forced to submission

By the forever burning pain

The wind blows straight through my heart

But memories of stone will always stay

scars on my soul that will never go away

fragments of a life that's been torn apart

The knife of pain cuts into me

A knife that's been stained by my tears

I've begged for the rain to leave me be

I've damned the wind that blows straight through me

I've prayed to the stars.. please light up my life

And I've lied, and yes,

I've cried…

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