Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Is It dark outside
Or is it just me?
It's much darker here inside
Beyond where your human eyes can see
The sun sets in a blood-red horizon
Fading to black as night consumes
They say it will dawn again
As I stare into the eastern sky
I see no hope of change
Was I lied to?
There are others standing as I
I gaze from them to their horizons
All are showing the haze of dawn
With renewed hope I turn back to mine
Only to be assaulted with the revelation
Mine is no longer dark.....
It's blacker than before
Every fleeting particle of despair
Is filtering into my sky
Weaving an impenetrable mesh
Leaving no route of escape
No glimpse of anything outside its husk
It's threatening to consume me
Yet do I fight it any longer?
I make my decision, and stand my ground
Envelop me darkness
Do as you will
I've no strength to fight
No ambition to pursue this life
I can't afford the pain
Can't sustain the flame
The fire dies
And with it, so do I.

1 comment:

Nessie Richards said...

Thank you for this - it's power & emotion builds beautifully and moved me immensely


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