Sunday, 1 January 2012

My Naked Soul Weeps

Have you ever listened
to a soul speak,
naked, bare, stripped
Of expectations and hope?

My naked soul weeps,
battered and torn, It sought
Salvation, it needs light..
It screams its torment.

Stripped of expectation,
hope, flown, retreated.
Little remains. A barren
wasteland of a once man.

Where lies sleep? Rest
deprived, the light dying
Nothing soon to remain,
bared beyond the bone.

My naked soul, reaches
out, It grasps nothingness
It lets out a final spark, hope?
Then fades, gone, now dark.


Laura Lynn said...

ah, very well written....very well explained. My naked soul weeps....perfection description. Powerful and truthful poem!

Maura Donohoe said...

Very moving and powerful poem.

Anonymous said...

Painful emotions. Little light.


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