Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Last Chance For Love

I'm waltzing with you hand-in-hand
Into the night....
A million stars could not compare
To the way your eyes sparkle in the light

The crowd goes home
They turn out the lights
Now it's just you and me in the moonlight
You look so wonderful tonight

With you in your finest clothes
Give me your hand
Let me spin you around

Step on my toe and let me hear you laugh
As I wrap your arms around my neck
The smile on your face
The way you feel in satin and lace

All so soft, so smooth
Graceful as the way we move
We'll sing the song that's in our hearts
The one about two lovers in love

That could never be torn apart
Minutes become hours and we kiss and hold each other near
The moon tells us it's time to go
As the stars begin to disappear

I take your hand and squeeze a little tighter
Bowing before you like a gentleman
I ask for one more dance before we sleep
For this is our last dance goodnight.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lovely and romantic!


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