Sunday, 22 January 2012

Forever Gone

I could never have truly known, before,
never have truly understood,
what it meant when two souls become one.

I had dreamed, of course,
of the rapture, the glorious glow,
of love, and more.
Oh, but what a pale comparison!

I was like an imprisoned eagle, held in captivity,
yearning for the skies, and finally set free,
my bonds thrown off, my wings spread wide,
searching for thermal drafts,
to carry me to unparalleled heights.

Hours spent watching you,
as you in turn watched me,
basking in the blasts of azure,
escaping through your slotted lashes.

Tracing the faint impression of a smile,
just before it is engulfed within a wide grin,
delighting in the feathery touches,
that made me shudder so.

Huddling close, limbs entwined,
our fears and dreams shared,
like treasures between us,
I knew then.

Before you taught me of love, the glory, and more,
before, I could never have truly understood,
never known the fiery liquid pain,
that I felt as you left me,
forever gone.

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