Monday, 16 January 2012

The Male Survivors Of Sexual Abuse - Tricia McKnight

I've never shared a letter on this blog before. I think this one from Tricia deserves to be shared. I can associate very well to her comments. Thank you again Tricia for sharing your time and your work.

Dear Jan:

Each day your blog shares the deep emotions of many who have survived the torture secrets of Childhood Sexual Abuse. My deep respect goes out to you for your excellent writings and those whom you bring together with your words. The survivors of this heinous crime are severely wounded, then we are forced by society to carry these secrets as if we have committed some type of crime. The crime is against us, not something we have done. Your exemplary words allow many to relate to their own emotions.

The Male Survivors Of Sexual Abuse are trapped even deeper than those who are female. This is simply because of society's status give to the males species; dominant, strong, emotionless. It seems that most believe that the males in our world should not show any form of pain, sadness or fear. The male population is to be the family provider, the restrictor of our household, but how can they maintain this status while they fight the secret shame that has been branded upon us? The male survivor is left to question his very being of "Male"; his sexuality; his leadership; his dominance of the very status that is laid on him by society. If he has been raped and his body had the normal biologic reaction, he will have that continuous doubt of who he really is?

Your words and stories shared with us allow the millions of other male survivors a place to connect with each other. You speak for each of them as you express who is inside the secrets of abuse. Thank you for sharing these words to give these survivors a personal view into their own soul; their own true emotions. Your expressions are a wondrous and beautiful way to see the true depth of pain that is burdened in silence to the men who are now the strong conquerors of their demons.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this amazing world of the Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.


Patricia A. McKnight

Author: "My Justice" ; ;
Founder: Survivors World, women's online private support group
Blog Talk Radio Host: Survivors Speak Out
Dreamcatchers Blog Talk Radio Network
Dreamcatchers for Abused Children
Non-Profit 501(c)3 Child Abuse Organization


triciagirl62 said...

Thank you Jan for sharing this letter with everyone. Your words bring beauty to the pain all survivors of sexual abuse are left to carry.

michal~madison said...

Thank you Tricia & Jan! for being voices for the silent & hope for those in deep despair! For being vulnerable about your own pain, so others don't feel so alone in their's!
~ michal


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