Thursday, 26 January 2012

Love UnBound

A denial is often
and easily given
by a heart wary of strain -
an emotional prison.

Remembrance of pain,
real and immense
Creates its own barriers,
erects a high fence.

Knowledge of things
so recently felt
and self promises made
'never again will I melt'.

Fear you have named it,
'self preservation I claim'
yet tug at my heart strings
you do all the same.

Yes I am alive and
breathing and beating
and my fear has a way of
keeping me running.

To deny what I hear
you may truly be saying
in safety I seek my
protection in praying.

Right back behind barriers
purposely built
to save my own sanity,
my heart wants no guilt

Or will it, I wonder,
is it possibly true?
can you love me just simply-
and can I love you?

Can we love with the distance,
the hours the miles
can we care in our deepest,
where hearts do abide?

Can we accept what the forces,
the fates have decreed
and recognise daily
this developing need?

Will we hurt will we cry
will we ache with desire
knowing only one way
can we quench this small fire?

Ah, but the distance,
the oceans and endless sky miles
cannot stop this love growing
so gently beside us.

So my love I may stumble
and wander about
not answer your questions
and leave you with doubt.

But my heart has discovered
a secret anew
my day's incomplete
unless I spend time with you .

1 comment:

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

This is lovely. I know I keep writing that but so many of your poems are lovely!


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