Sunday, 8 January 2012

Before It Started

I knew there would be closure, I just didn't know when
If only we hadn't met, where would we be then
Desire is strange when it makes it's move
It's right, it's wrong, we choose what to do

Excitement and passion we look for to please
I found it with you, you found it with me
Our feelings inside have driven us here
Sometimes we had felt it with so much fear

Unable to say or even speak
What it has done in making us weak
Your soft brown eyes, I still can see
I wonder sometimes, will you still think of me

The secret place in my heart you will always be
A safe place to hide for you and me
With memories I smile, you'll always be the one
I miss you like crazy and all the passionate fun

I ache with the thought of you, will you ever know?
How much it hurts to let you go
The confusion and pain will come and go
Accompanied by guilt only you and I know

We're back in reality of where we should be
We honor the commitment that sets us free
If ever there's a time we desire again
May our hearts just smile and remember when

I know it's right, you're where you should be
The same place I know, it will take me

Back where it started, before you and me

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