Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Nightmare Contortions

I awake from a troubled sleep, my head where my feet should be
Faced pushed into the mattress, butt raised and waiting
What is this? What sick memory torments me?
I slip back into an induced oblivion..

Waking with a start, panic causing my pulse to race
I am sat upright, I remember clearly what I just shouted
The Rats! Not the rats! No No No! Not the rats!
But why why why? What memory evades me now?

They are coming........ the others are coming!!
Again called out from lips from a time long past, a time forgotten
What did you say! I am asked, I cannot reply, it wasn't me
A cold sweat covers me, I turn to my pillow once more.

5:42am August 20th 2011


celesteka said...

I am sad when I know that you suffer from the past abuses. I too walk here; not as often but still lots of anxiety and insomnia.

I am thankful that we are on this journey of healing together.

We are richer and fuller for sharing our truth.

Warm hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Such a Powerful and Pure expression of PTSD and the life long aftermath of Child Abuse. Your gift of writing goes a long way- helping so many of us who can't find the words... Thank you Jan... Many Blessings!


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