Saturday, 28 January 2012

You're My first, My last, My Valentine

You're the first to see beyond these wary eyes,
To see the truth through walls of lies,
A heart afraid, yet longing so much,
For a gentle word and a tender touch.

I was a shadow of a man, but you could see,
Beyond the darkness, there was a light in me,
You felt my pain, sensed my fear so real,
You touched my soul, helped me to heal.

My days were empty and my nights were so long,
I stumbled through life until you came along,
You reached out for me, I felt your touch
We were unsure, but we both needed so much

I never believed I would see the day
Love would find me, that it would stay
I'm yours forever, till the stars don't shine,
You're My first, My last, My Valentine

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