Monday, 2 January 2012


I walk the long and lonely night, searching...
It is a hunger, an aching need that torments,
It leaves my soul bleeding, my heart afraid,
I cannot just give, I sit out the dance.

Around me I see strong, lucky people,
To them I am invisible, I don't belong,
They know the dance, the steps, the way
They swim in the river, unafraid.

My soul, afraid, watches and wishes,
Wanting to join, afraid though to fly,
Afraid of living, afraid of giving,
Afraid to take the chance.

My life is a forever winter, snowbound, cold,
Just one road, one path, no other way to go,
Must I remain forever searching, afraid of
Living, afraid to dance.


Patricia Singleton said...

I know how this "afraid" feels. I don't feel it as often as I once did. Facing my fears, one at a time, made them manageable so I could chop them down in size.

celesteka said...

I have visited this place many many times in my life. The road is getting easier and the loneliness and fear of being not understood not loved is decreasing gradually. As Patricia says, I am facing each fear one piece at a time. They often revisit me, yet I am more aware of their source so they don't have as much impact.
You are so gifted and precious ! I thank LOVE for you every day, dear friend :)


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