Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tears, Falling Like Rain

     He reaches deep inside his heart,
     to find something that no longer remains.
     He struggles to overcome it,
     but can find nothing to gain...
     He cries in his dreams,
     about times now passed away.
     He hides from his desires,
     as his heart begins to fade...
     He trusts like an angel,
     and believes still the same.
     You could tell him anything,
     his trust would not evade...
     He endures his passion,
     and dwells within his dreams.
     He strives forward blindly,
     his will unbroken, or so it seems...
     He revels at small triumphs,
     the praise and glory now washed away.
     He regrets not looking back,
     its too late, someone took it away...
     He fought back the tears,
     that fell like rain,
     He fought back diligently,
     while he fought the pain...
     He wagers everything,
     with nothing to lose, and nothing to gain.
     He fades into oblivion, unnoticed,
     tears falling like rain.
     Who is he? Just me.........


Goddess Aphrodite said...

A truly beautiful, and bittersweet piece of writing...may I cry with you? So much feeling there. Thank-you for sharing.

Insomnia said...

inspiring ... i must say that i also had a same past like you ...sexualy. it really touched my heart ..cause thats what i really feel too

Angela said...

Such a heartbreaking and touching poem. Sending healing thoughts and energy your way.

Anonymous said...

What you think you are, often is incorrect. You are NOT shadowed in darkness. You beam a bright light. Today, a friend was reading your book that I had out on the coffee table. She loved it. Your passion, and ability to reach down to your soul and express what the rest of us only feel, but unable to say... thank you for this. You ARE in the LIGHT!!!

~ Nina Fox

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your wounded heart!


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