Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Mirror

You are the mirror of my love,
You give my cold hearth a warming fire.
Your lips exhale the oxygen I need,
You are my love, my one hearts desire.

I am the man, who loves you best,
I am the knight, on my sturdy beast,
I will guard and protect you always,
I will bring you to lifes harvest feast.

You are the moon in my darkest night,
You are my life and will be my death,
You give my heart its beat, 
You give my life its meaning. 


Debbie-T said...

Warm and powerful, a message that touches, deeply, every sensitive, poetic, heart.

william said...

I loved this man, deep and meaningful, you are growing by the day, love your work and hope you continue, and thanks for fixing the comments thing :)


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