Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Summer Sunset

A single moment of perfection, coming only once a day,
This time will soon be over, never once will it stay.
Twinkling, glittering, sparkling, precious rays of light,
As the ending of the day, approaches the coming of the night.

The sky is lit up with endless, epolding hues,
An essence of hope and love, with picture perfect views.
A magical sight on which, one can build a dream,
Everything esle appears trivial, at this time it does seem.

A feeling of fulfilling happiness, a feeling of calm,
Blesses you completely, as the sky turns on it's charm.
The heavens above shine down, with that special twilight sky,
And the day turns to dusk, whilist the clouds are rolling by.

A preview of the future and what it will hold,
Seems to play in the mind, as the day becomes old.
Watching the horizon from an endless sandy beach,
Seeing the array of colours, pink, purple and peach.

Gentle breezes engulf you, and your heart begins to race,
As swift forces take the sun to its nightime hiding place.
Then ever so slowly, when the timing is just right,
You see the sun smile, and wave its goodnight.


1 comment:

healing_within said...

Love it ..waving goodnight to the Sun..very inviting to the reader..



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