Saturday, 8 October 2011

A Love For Eternity

As times roll by and feeling proud,
I hear your voice it seems so loud,
Above the crowds I listen too,
The sweetest sound I ever knew.
Yet in lifes long train and journey be,
To love and cherish and honor thee,

For words of wisdom,are often said,
In heated times they should not be re- read.
The hurt, the shame I feel inside.
My soul,  my love I have kept inside.
The place of hearts and love and glee,
I  know it has returned in thee.

Loves great jouney was never bold,
No matter  however  young or old.
So watch in silence and just feel great,
My love I offer to thee on a plate.
A feast for two is what you will see,
A table set for two, just you and me.

In candlelight I see before
Your eyes dancing with l`amour.
Our love is precious, our love is strong
Please relax, listen to my song,
Now take your chalice and toast with me,
A love to last through all eternity.

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