Thursday, 6 October 2011

I Sleep

I sleep on a silk petal's dance
 when breeze swings low,
On a cloud breathing flight
through tomorrow's door,
On a feather falling as a peaceful sigh
down a country road beyond the sky

I sleep in soft raindrop songs
 and silent calms,
And fresh flower prairies
with budding crowns,
And babies' smiles
in dreams aglow,
And a sparkling ocean
of silver water and golden fish

I sleep by the unreachable cliff
 watching tides jump and roar
With legs worn-out
from the long way up.
I sleep tonight while jazz plays on
 And voices drop to fill a room
While some people weep,
and some have fun.
I sleep.

1 comment:

celesteka said...

I embrace this reverie and pray that it lulls me to a tranquil rest.


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