Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Dream Dragon

Cross words and traded looks.
Looks that trigger head flashes
In a moment the wall is up
We're perched on opposite sides
Of our one-acre king sized bed
It’s odd because the way we sleep
We could rent the extra space
But sleep comes hard tonight
I finally give up and study you
Study the curve of your shoulder
Across the glacier of sheets separating us
While I memorize the crest of your cheek
A night frown stirs your face
I find myself thinking about me
Wondering why I flew at you
You frown again and whimper
Without thinking I glide toward you
Crossing the glacier of rumpled sheets
Parting trecherous iceberg pillows
Until I'm stroking your forehead
I feel you settle into me
Making me feel like a knight
Who just killed the dream dragon
Of your nightmares.

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