Sunday, 9 October 2011

My Quivering Soul

                       No. Really
                       I do know how I am
                       I'm all messed up
                       that's nothing new

                       I don't know what to do
                       or who to be
                       or what you expect from me
                       it really doesn't matter anyway
                       you can scream at a wall until it breaks
                       but in the end

                       it's still broken,

                       How do you change you?
                       who is it that I have turned into
                       it's not me
                       it's not you

                       God, please don't let it be them
                       it must be them
                       I will wreck you
                       and I will use you
                       I don't know

                       Please, don't go
                       'cause I am scared
                       what if I really am who I came from
                       I know I push you away
                       what if it really is all my fault
                       cause I am not me

                       has been taken
                       from my quivering


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