Saturday, 1 October 2011

Lonely Star

Take my hand, as I reach for you,
I'll show you things you never knew.
And when I gaze into your eyes
I'll hold your hand, tell me no lies.

Silent dreams, forever untold;
Stay with me while night grows old.
We'll softly sleep beneath the stars
Together forever, forever apart.

In my thoughts I'll visit you
And in all the tears I suffer through;
Crying myself to sleep at night,
Never letting you out of my sight.

But when I awake to another dawn,
I always find your belongings gone.
Then I realize it was but a dream,
And nothing I see is what it seems.

I had seen your face, like a shooting star,
Never near, but always far.
The face I saw the night before
Erased from my mind for evermore.

Now I am left with empty dreams.
Voices torment me and scream,
Left alone to roam this land,
Never again with her you'll stand.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Lovely but so sad. x

Anonymous said...

Aww so sad but beautiful hugs

Anonymous said...

Thank u.


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