Sunday, 16 October 2011

Scars Of Yesterday

                        The pain we feel within, you see, at times we have to share,
                         Without a release of sorrow, the pain just lingers there,

                           I came across a box, today, I wish I'd left it closed,
                         Just like the box, Pandora, much pain became exposed.

                           Inside, were all my memories, some of them of you,
                      Most were of, forgotten times, when skies weren't always blue.

                 I'd thought, I'd purged things from my heart, but now, they've all come back,
                       I wish I hadn't, cleared the way, and opened the box, so black.

                       Someday, I hope to find the key, to the box, I found that day,
                         For when I do, I'll lock the box, and throw the key, away.

                          Look inside a lonely heart, and help me find that key,
                          Help me close that box, today, and set my spirit, free.

                     There's too much pain, in yesterday, and tomorrow's yet to share,
                        The time it has, to heal the scars, that yesterday put there.


Tryingmybest said...

The key to the box is a heart that is whole....when a broken heart is mended that will free your soul

learnercurious1 said...

I like UR poetry.Would U be willing to read it to an audience?UR invited to The Coffee Shack on blogtalk radio.
Thank U.learnercurious1


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