Thursday, 13 October 2011

Depression and Pain

Head spinning, soul wrenching, heart crushing darkness
What to do, where to turn, who to trust?
My stomach sick, my head throbbing, heart racing
Panick. Worry. The end?

I look for the light, the right path. I try, I really do.
Burst tyre.... what next. Is this a sign? The end?
Been through, and survived, so much before..
But this? Why does this stab like a knife?

My core, my security, my existence threatened.
I feel so tired, too tired, enough is enough.
Where now? What happened to my life..
This weight too much. Just too much.


** Michelle ** said...

I appreciate your transparency. I don't know if this is your feelings at the moment or an expression of where you've been before, but don't you give up, you've come too far.

Anonymous said...

I utterly enjoyed this and posted it on my Facebook wall... thought you might want to see what i wrote about you on my "Thinking Positive Page:)
"I found his writing to be very moving and BEAUTIFUL. There is something very lovely in his expression of darkness. This is a great example of making something dark into light, turning personal into art!"
come check me out:0

Anonymous said...

correction for comment above
*Personal turmoil into art!


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