Sunday, 9 October 2011

Even In Death

I've always known some of what you did,
Even when I was too young to know what,
The damage that you did to me,
The pain that I would eventually endure.

When I was too young to comprehend,
You did to me what things you could.
The pain of true memories and understanding,
Came later, once I understood, once I knew.

You did to me what things you could
While I lay dumb, deaf and blind. The hate
Came later, once it came back to life in me.
Then sorrow over all that could have been.

While I lay dumb, deaf and blind, the hate
was born in me, even as I watched you die
Later in life, I knew, I'd waited. I watched
life eat you up. But I didn't know it all.

Years would pass, years lost, chances lost.
 As I was in reality. I never stood a chance
Not in this hustle bustle world. I tried to
fit it, to belong. You didn't allow me.

The pain of memories destroyed so much,
Even decades after you rotted in your grave,
You still poison me, my life, my chances.
Even in death you controlled me.

I have fought mighty battles, conquered pain,
To allow myself to know it ALL. Everything
You did or arranged for me. The abuse. The pain.
You will not control me forever, You Will Not!

While I lay dumb, deaf and blind, you tortured
You corrupted my innocent life. Around us, 
All others too were deaf, dumb and blind.
How fortunate for you. But no longer.

I have eyes, I can see all that you perpetrated,
I have a tongue, it speaks of evils past,
I have ears, I wait to hear your screams...
As you burn in hell.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love this has so much meaning to me .... Bit I have yet to hear he's dead so I still curl up with his poison in my head ...
Hugs thank you


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