Thursday, 13 October 2011

Hide Me

hide me, oh world
behind your tattered wings
justify my pain
with a song.
and it's you who sings
of the sorrow of the dreams
that are dying.
The world is what it seems
empty, shallow, and without a light
to guide us through the night
of day.
Failure abounds, i push it all away
to wander and grow old
Bathed in my misfortunes;
dressed in my mistakes.
i wait and i wait to see if my heart awakes
oh and i hate, how i hate
without delay, another day comes
to torch my soul with fame.
although i remain
without a name
i'm forced to play the game
of life



Anonymous said...

I think that way all the time ... I don't think ill make it ....

MatrixMen South Africa said...

I love your poetry and would love to post some of them on My blog, let me know If I can

Martin MatrixMen

Anonymous said...

I feel this way everyday I love reading your poetry it hits home for me at times. I am a woman & trying to recover from my past & what others have done to me.



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