Thursday, 20 October 2011

Next Time

                                   When the world was young,
                                      our love was forged,
                                 made to stand the tests of time,
                                    and shine all the brighter.

                                        I like to believe,
                                that we've loved through the ages,
                            sometimes together, sometimes from afar,
                                  but, always destined to meet,
                              because seperate, we are not complete.

                                 I've waited so long to find you,
                                         in this lifetime,
                               each day from the moment we met,
                                       is a beautiful thing,
                                   not always easy, but special,
                                because you are a part of my life.

                             I wouldn't trade even a single moment,
                                just pray that I have many more,
                                and that in our next incarnation,
                                      we meet much earlier.

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