Monday, 10 October 2011

Desolated Doom

                     Silence; broken only by the whisper
                       Of my breath softly dispersing into
                       An ocean of empty, dark, blackened hue,
                     Encapsulating the light I hold near.
                     Calls of invisible souls screeching fear;
                       Their silhouette hiding coffin and pew;
                       Telling me to join them and what they'd do -
                     They'd black and rack and hack my soul to sear.

                     Water formed from fire floods my body;
                       Each droplet so saline it burns my cheeks;
                       But the pain I feel is nothing compared
                     To pain I know; oh how I long for me
                       To sleep and never wake again for weeks,
                       Or forever - if only someone cared.

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