Friday, 13 April 2012

Everything, For Always

Hold me, like you will never let me go,
Kiss me, take my breath and make it yours,
Love me, with a force before not known,
Take me, from the depths up to the heights,
Protect me, as I will always be your protector,
Enslave me, make me yours, never set me free,
Devour me, make us as one upon this earth,
Trust me, For I will never let you down,
Desire me, I am all you will ever need,
Be careful with me, I break easily.


Anonymous said...

this is so awesome thank you for sharing :)

Despoina Theodoridou said...

This poem shout out of love, both through its spoken words and through its unspoken ones!
It made me shiver.
Keep up the good work; you're very talented!

Nessie Richards said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this - full of emotion

Nessie Richards said...

so much feeling & emotion - a powerful piece :)

Anonymous said...

So deeply moving, honest and courageous is your poem.

My wish for you is that you have someone in your life that is loving, understands your fears and needs. Patient, accepting, understanding, honesty, and loyal. Holding your heart ever so gently!

~Nina Fox

Anonymous said...

Nothing fancy ...I love this especially the end

Anonymous said...

it made me shiver, powerful


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