Sunday, 25 March 2012

Help me

I'm crying inside but no one can hear
I'm hurting inside but no one can see
I'm dying inside but no one cares
Help me break free from this pain that I feel
Give me the love that i've never felt
How can I survive with no love in my life?
How can I survive when i'm wanting to die?
Why can no one feel my pain?
Why doesn't anyone care?
Help me breathe
Help me live
Help me be who I really am
I don't want to feel this hurt anymore
I don't want this stake in my chest
Help me

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I used to be in this space. Afraid and feeling like the pain of the abuse would take my life again. The flashes I have are so real and forceful... But it's different now. I'm angry at the fear, angry at the sexual and physical abuse and angry that it left me with dissociative amnesia and flashes that are so vivid that it's as if it's happening all over again. Sometimes it's hard for others to see your pain or hear your cry, sometimes the pain is too much for them to behold. I don't know why there are times when you cry for help and help doesn't come. My parents and grandparents raped me and left me in my own confused little mind, abandoned and lost. I have to take care of myself as I always have and I've accepted this...It's so sad that abuse of any kind occurs in this world. I hate it. But it's a part of my life and it happened to me. It's up to me to keep living and know that I can do it with or without help...Thanks for sharing


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