Thursday 30 March 2017

Phoenix Warriors - Beyond The Ashes of Childhood Sexual Abuse with @26PeacockLady

"Phoenix Warriors - Beyond The Ashes of Childhood Sexual Abuse"

Donna Bailey and Ján L Frayne met online in the early part of 2012.

After much discussion they decided there was need for a book that addressed the issues of childhood sexual abuse from a new angle. 

They decided to collaborate on a book which would reflect gender perspectives and international perspectives as well as a more natural approach to healing and living with the aftermath of abuse.  The book crosses boundaries that others do not and helps the reader understand why they feel as they do and how to improve all aspects of their life post abuse.

Through their  personal experiences and through trying to find materials for themselves, they found that there is not enough content out there and would like to change that.

Both have had many experiences which hold opportunities for learning and growth, and in passing on this knowledge their hope is to reach out to and help many others through their own healing journeys.

This is their story. They will share their experiences with difficult topics and concepts that are often hard to understand and share what worked for them.  
Healing should be a very personal experience, not everyone is the same or reacts to the same stimuli in the same way. This book is not intended as a “do as we say”,  more “do what feels right for you”… 

Expect the new book during Summer 2022!


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