Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Sad and Lonely Man

So gently flows the breeze
The streetlamp lights the sky
I whisper in the dark
a saddened lullaby

For now I'm left alone
with nothing else to share
A sad and lonely man
in need of loving care

Beneath the distant plains
of somewhere long ago
lie memories and dreams
and thoughts that lost their glow

Is this that all could be
A silent lonesome prayer
of destiny foretold
and covered with despair

Video by my good friend Roan.


Unknown said...

This is a gorgeous and soulful crying poem. The poem opens up my heart and brings me through the loneliness felt, traveling farther into the depths of darkness in despair that I recognize. Thank you for writing this and posting it for me to read. You are an accomplished poet ,born of creativity, art, talent, and depth.

nico said...

I know this feeling I curl up with it every night


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